Spa Services

Why not pamper your cat with our specially selected spa services designed to enhance all aspects of their coat? If you have any questions about any of these services, we’re more than happy to help!

Cat grooming services, clipping, combing, nail clip, lion cuts, bathing, drying

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Cat Grooming Spa treatments
Cat Grooming Paw balm massage


hemp paw balm

Dry paws? Sore pads? Our paw balm massage protects, soothe and moisturises all year round! It‘s 100% vegan, unscented, fast-absorbing, and natural. We gently massage leaving a pawfect moisturised finish.

Cat Grooming Dry shampoo


dry shampoo treatment

Freshen up that coat with our rinse free shampoo treatment enriched with vitamin E, aloe vera and acai extract. Using cleansing wipes over the full body helps moisturise and condition the coat. Perfect for those kitty‘s who are not suitable for a full bath or in-between your regular bathing appointments.

Cat Grooming Dry Conditioning


dry conditioning treatment

The gentle rinse free 5-in-1 treatment protects, strengthens and reinforces the coats health while reducing breakage. Conditioning and detangling helping your cat‘s coat shine to its full glory!


Cat Grooming Bath spa treatments
Cat Grooming Calming shampoo


calming shampoo

Take the stress away from your cats bathing experience with our de-stress calming shampoo. Using a clinically proven blend of Valerian, Vetiver, Basil and Clary Sage essential oils it gently cleanses and de-tangles.

cat grooming anti dandruff


Bath & Comb out

In bath treatment transforms the water to a CO2 spa. Increasing both blood flow and oxygen to the skin allowing the absorption of nutrients whilst improving both skin and coat condition. Perfect for dry or itchy skin or for any cat to help maintain their skin and coat.

Cat Grooming whitening



Make your cat SHINE! Our Brightening shampoo treatment uses Purple shampoo technology to remove any yellow tinges leaving the coat beautifully bright. In just one session the treatment will reverse fading with richness, vibrancy, and shine. This treatment adds back lost colour that has faded over time. It makes white coats pop!

Cat Grooming degreasing



Make that coat BEAM! Our degreasing shampoo treatment enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera works its way through the coat down to the skin, breaking down and dissolving dirt, grease and stains along the way. We gently massage the treatment into the coat after a regular shampoo before thoroughly rinsing.

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