The Kitty cat club’s terms and conditions



Before coming to your appointment we will send you a digital contract for you to sign. This is a copy of those Terms and Conditions. If you have any queries feel free to get in contact.



General Terms and Conditions 


When signing this agreement, please note that the terms and conditions will be applicable to all future bookings made for any cats under your name with The Kitty Cat Club.


Checking in Form


For each visit you will be asked to fill out our checking in form. This can be done via url link emailed to you or in person when dropping your cat off. All clients must sign the form agreeing to us grooming their pet and accepting The Kitty Cat Club’s terms and conditions as outlined in this contract.




Cats must arrive in a suitable secure carrier. If they do not arrive in a suitable carrier we reserve the right to refuse to groom your cat and your deposit would be taken for that appointment.




All prices quoted are estimates and can be subject to change dependent on breed, behaviour, coat condition and grooming requirements.


Aggressive or Dangerous Cats


The Kitty Cat Club believes all cats have the right to be groomed for their health and wellbeing. We understand not all pets are used to being handled and groomed. We are happy to work with you to support your pet to build confidence with grooming. As an owner you have a duty of care to tell us if your cat exhibits any difficult or aggressive behaviour before booking in an appointment at The Kitty Cat Club. This ensures the safety of both our staff and your cat. The Kitty Cat Club accepts no liability for injuries caused by difficult or aggressive behaviour of your cat. The Kitty Cat Club hold the right to refuse to groom any cats they deem to put their staff or the pet itself at risk.

 I agree that I will truthfully inform The Kitty Cat Club if my pet has ever bitten another animal or a human, or if they have any other aggressive tendencies. I agree and understand that I will be held solely responsible for any injury, harm or damage to the staff or property caused by my pet.


Health and Medical Issues



The Kitty Cat Club will do everything possible to make your pet’s time in the salon as pleasant as possible. Grooming can, unfortunately, occasionally expose a previously hidden medical issue, or aggravate a current one. This can happen during or after grooming.

It is possible that an accident could occur during grooming. The utmost care and caution will always be taken, but cuts, scratches, nicks and quicking of nails could occur. The Kitty Cat Club will not be responsible for any conditions or problems discovered during grooming.

The Kitty Cat Club will not be responsible for the accidental death of the pet as a result of any pre-existing health condition.

The Kitty Cat Club accepts no liability when any health problem is uncovered or aggravated by any part of the grooming process. We will endeavour to inform you of anything we uncover.

 If we deem it necessary to stop the groom for your cat’s welfare we will do so. You will still be charged for the appointment.

 Should The Kitty Cat Club determine, at its sole discretion, that urgent veterinary care is required, I agree to pay all associated fees and costs. If my pet’s vet is not available or in close enough proximity, I authorise The Kitty Cat Club to use their chosen vet.


Neglected or Matted Coats


The Kitty Cat Club will always put your pet’s welfare first, and although shaving the coat short might not be what you are wanting as an owner, if we believe it is the kindest option for your cat’s health and well-being, we will insist on taking this course of action.

 It is against The Animal Welfare Act 2006 to cause pain or unnecessary suffering to an animal, de-matting a matted pet would be against this legislation and go against the ethos of The Kitty Cat Club.

The condition of my cat’s skin and coat is entirely my responsibility and I acknowledge that no-one can know what may be beneath the matted fur, nor will I endeavor to hold The Kitty Cat Club responsible for anything revealed after matt removal or any issues related to removing it. The Kitty Cat Club will not be liable for any after-grooming effects of de-matting, clipping or brushing procedures, or problems uncovered on a badly matted or otherwise neglected coat including, but not limited to, skin redness, itchiness, or self-inflicted irritations from excessive external scratching or rubbing.

 The Kitty Cat Club accepts no liability for injuries caused due to the removal of neglected and/or matted coats.

 Additional charges will be incurred for any cats requiring knotted or matted coat removal to cover the costs incurred due to the additional time and expertise needed to safely remove the coat without injuring your pet, whilst also covering the additional maintenance needed for equipment used on matted coats. I agree to pay whatever fees are incurred as a result of my cat’s coat condition. Whether a cat is matted is at the sole discretion of The Kitty Cat Club.

 To avoid needing your cat clipped short, you should be regularly brushing and maintaining their coat at home, alongside regular grooming of 4-8 weeks with a professional groomer.




There is always the possibility an accident could occur; grooming equipment is sharp and even though we use extreme caution and care if a cat is wiggling or moving around accidents can happen. In most cases these are easily treatable with first aid on site. However, should the accident require veterinary attention we will seek this immediately and endeavour to contact yourself. In these instances, we are fully insured and will always put your pet’s health and wellbeing first.


Toileting Your Pet


Please make sure all cats are fed at least 2 hours before their appointment. Giving ample opportunity to toilet before coming to their pet grooming appointment.




The Kitty Cat Club is flea free salon:

–      should you arrive at your appointment and your pet has a flea infestation we will reschedule your appointment. This is classed as a ‘Late Cancellation’ and 50% of the groom will be charged. It is advisable to seek veterinary advice on the best course of action to treat the fleas.

–      Should we discover fleas on your pet during the groom, if we are already bathing your cat, we will bathe your pet in a flea shampoo. Flea baths incur an additional charge due to the additional time needed to soak your pet in the shampoo (10-15 minutes) killing the fleas. There will be an additional charge to cover time needed to deep clean and fumigate the salon to avoid fleas settling or spreading.




We will remove ticks found during the groom; however, The Kitty Cat Club accepts no liability for irritation or infection caused by the tick and its removal.

 Should we remove ticks, we will let you know how many any their approximate location on collection.


Deposits, No Show and Late Cancellation


The Kitty Cat Club requires a deposit before your booking is secured. This deposit is refundable if you give at least 24 hours’ notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

Any cancellations or changes to appointments with less than 24hrs notice will mean your deposit will be used to cover your appointment. To make another appointment you would need to pay another deposit.

  A client is deemed to have no-showed their appointment if they fail to turn up for it within 10 minutes of their appointment time.

 The Kitty Cat Club operates a strict policy on missed appointments and I agree that if I need to change an appointment, I will notify The Kitty Cat Club no less than 24 hours before the booked appointment. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, I agree that I will lose my deposit that of £40 that I will pay to secure my appointment. If appointments are missed on a regular basis, 100% pre-payment will be required.

Late Collection

The Kitty Cat Club operates by appointment only. When you drop off your cat, you will be given a specific collection time. It is important to pick up your cat at the stated time unless otherwise arranged with our team. If you are more than 5 minutes late, a late collection fee of £5 per 15 minutes will apply. This fee covers the cost of wages and expenses while your pet is in our care.



Use of Images


We reserve the right to take and use pictures of your pet for social media, advertising and education. If you do not wish pictures of your pet to be used for these purposes, you must notify us at the time of your appointment.


Hold Harmless Agreement


By using our services, you agree to hold The Kitty Cat Club, its owners, employees, and directors harmless from any damage, loss, or claim arising from any condition of the undersigned cat, either known or unknown to us. It is also further understood and agreed the terms of this agreement it is subject to change, without notice, once a new contract is signed it will overwrite any and all prior signed contracts or releases. It is further understood this contract applies to all pets groomed.

You acknowledge responsibility for all the above by signing this waiver before we can proceed.

 I consent to all the above and confirm that I am the legal owner/guardian of this cat.




Payment must be made before the cat can be collected.

 Payment methods are currently CASH or CARD



Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions 


When using our Loyalty Card you accept the terms and conditions.
Loyalty Cards are personal to your specific cat and cannot be transferred to anybody else. The Loyalty Card must be present at each appointment to benefit from the scheme. Loyalty Points may only be redeemed and earned in accordance with these terms. Keeping track/ looking after the Loyalty Card is the sole responsibility of the client. The Kitty Cat Club reserves the right stop issuing Loyalty Cards at any time. If we decide to terminate the Loyalty Programme and/or alter or amend the terms and conditions of operation of the Loyalty Card we will do so by publishing notices on our website. Each card has an expiry date of one year from the first stamp. This card can only be used for full grooms only and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.